Kelly Refrigeration & Air Conditioning are totally committed to fulfilling all our customer needs and understand that our customers are all different- with needs specific to their business type.

Kelly Refrigeration and Air Conditioning provides:

▪ Design – Let us design the most suitable refrigeration, air conditioning or catering system for your needs.

▪ Installation – We have a dedicated installation crew capable of installing your system, whether its refrigeration, air conditioning or catering, all installations are to the highest standard, and all staff have all the relevant safety certification.

▪ Maintenance – We provide full maintenance services ensuring peak performance thus maximising the efficiency of your equipment. Equipment operating with dirty coils can use up to 37% more energy than those with clean coils.Additionally, a dirty system’s cooling capacity can be reduced by as much as 30%. Dirty coils increase operating pressure and temperatures that breakdown the compressor’s lubricant and can result in equipment failure.

Kelly Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offer a highly competitive cost effective maintenance packages tailor-made to suit your unique requirements.

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