Kelly Refrigeration & Air Conditioning , is a family run business Based in Co Waterford . We specialize in Air Conditioning,Refrigeration and catering. We are committed to delivering top quality workmanship on all our installations.

Kelly Refrigeration & Air Conditioning provide a comprehensive range that provides you with a wide range to choice from. Here is what can help you with:


▪ Water chillers ▪ Cold Rooms/Freezer Rooms
▪ Fridges/Freezers ▪ Display Cabinets. Meats/Fruit/Drinks
▪ Hot/cold Deli Cabinets ▪ Bottle coolers
▪ Ice machine ▪ A/c units
▪ Heat pumps. Air-Air/Air-Water/Heat Recovery ▪ Ovens
▪ Cookers ▪ Glass washers
▪ Beer Cooling Systems ▪ Ice Bank Systems


To get more info contact us:
Tel: 051-381280 or Email: